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Stanford Swing Dancers


We love to dance and we love to have fun! In addition to our weekly lessons, look for the following events on our calendar page throughout the year!

On campus:
  • Social dances on select weekends
  • Weekend workshops on select weekends
  • Hanging out at the Treehouse after Monday practices
  • Lindy Bomb lunches throughout the quarter
  • Open mic nights
  • BASIE: Bay Area Swing Intercollegiate Exchange (hosted with UC Davis & UC Berkeley)
  • Lindy-Fountain Hopping (Spring Quarter)
Off campus:
  • Dancing at all of the wonderful venues around the bay! Carpool with us!
    • Tuesdays: The Breakaway (Oakland)
    • Wednesday: Wednesday Night Hop (Palo Alto), Cat’s Corner (San Francisco)
    • Thursday: The 9:20 Special (San Francisco)
    • Friday: For Dancer’s Only (Sunnyvale), The Dancers’ Den (Oakland)
    • Saturday: Lindy on Sproul (Berkeley), Bootleggers’ Ball (San Francisco)
    • Sunday: Lindy in the Park (San Francisco)

  • Traveling to weekend dance events, where we eat, breath, and live Lindy! Sleep optional. Some of our favorites:
    • February: Swingin’ at the Savoy (Oakland)
    • April: San Luis Obispo Lindy Exchange (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)
    • July: The Switch (San Francisco)
    • September: Camp Hollywood (Los Angeles)
    • October: Berkeley Lindy Exchange (Berkeley)
    • November: Fog City Stomp (San Francisco)

  • Bay Area Calendar: